Current: MATH 1132Q — Calculus II (Spring 2019)

For students in my course: feel free to give me anonymous feedback on anything I’m doing!

My office hours are 1-2 pm on Monday, 3:30-4:30 pm on Tuesday, and 9-10 am on Thursday (as well as by appointment).


Additionally, here are a few online calculus resources that I have found helpful:

  • Khan Academy’s Calculus II Resources: in addition to tons of videos working through concepts and problems, Khan Academy offers plenty of practice quizzes with instant feedback.
  • 3blue1brown’s Essence of Calculus series: in contrast to Khan Academy, this beautifully animated series of videos focuses on building visual intuitions for the concepts in calculus rather than working through computations. “The goal here is to make calculus feel like something that you yourself could have discovered.”
    • Most of this is Calc I material, but you’ll still need all those intuitions in this course!
  • Paul’s Online Notes: clearly-written, almost conversational-style notes on calculus. Also includes good review material if you need to brush up on your algebra facts.

Previous TA Experience

University of Connecticut
  • Fall 2018: Discussion TA for MATH 1131Q (Calculus 1)
Williams College
  • Spring 2018: MATH 250 (Linear Algebra)
  • Fall 2017: MATH 372 (Complex Analysis)
  • Spring 2017: MATH 250 (Linear Algebra)
  • Fall 2016: MATH 351 (Applied Real Analysis)